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About The Practice

San Francisco Neurology and Sleep Center is a comprehensive sleep and neurology clinic located in Chinatown, San Francisco. Led by Joy Meng, MD, the practice offers sleep studies and other neurological diagnostic tests.

The team at San Francisco Neurology and Sleep Center takes an evidence-based approach to medicine. Using the latest technologies available, the clinic helps people understand the condition impacting their sleep or neurological well-being. The team works with patients and families to determine the best possible treatment plan. 

An in-house sleep lab allows the team to evaluate, diagnose, and treat a number of sleep disorders like sleep apnea and insomnia. The providers are highly trained in care for neurologic conditions such as vertigo, stroke, and even dementia. 

San Francisco Neurology and Sleep Center specializes in geriatric care for elderly patients. The team is culture-sensitive and takes care to treat every patient with the utmost respect. The doctor is fluent in both English and Mandarin.  

San Francisco Neurology and Sleep Center accepts a wide variety of insurance plans, Medicare, and local HMOs. To learn more about the services available at San Francisco Neurology and Sleep Center, call the clinic to book a consultation today.

Home Sleep Study (HST)



You’ll get a portable monitor that’s small and lightweight, and you can pick it up at our sleep lab. We will provide step-by-step instructions, but the basics include placing a belt around your mid-section (which is linked to the monitor by a wire), attaching a clip to your finger, putting an airflow sensor under your nose, and turning on the monitor. You usually return the device to the lab the next day, and our technician will create a detailed report based on your results.

A home sleep test (HST) measures oxygen saturation, heart rate, airflow, movement in your chest and abdomen and it will also record time spent snoring and your sleep position. So a HST is effective at helping to diagnosis sleep apnea (one of the most common sleep disorders), but not other disorders.

In Lab Attended Sleep Study



An in-lab sleep study provides Dr. Meng with the most complete evaluation of your sleep. You will be required to stay overnight at our sleep lab.

An in-lab sleep study, also known as a polysomnogram, records your brain waves, heartbeats and breathing as you sleep. It also charts your eye movements, limb movements and oxygen in your blood. This data will help Dr. Meng make a diagnosis and develop a treatment plan.


  • Test for sleep-related breathing disorders including sleep apnea.
  • Evaluate behaviors during sleep due to parasomnias.
  • Diagnose narcolepsy or hypersomnia along with the MSLT.
  • Titrate or calibrate the levels of continuous positive airway pressure in patients who receive CPAP therapy for sleep related breathing disorders.
  • Determine why treatment for a sleep disorder is not working.

Accepted Insurances

At San Francisco Neurology and Sleep Center, we accept most major insurance providers. If you do not see your insurance listed please call the office for more information.

Blue Cross Blue Shield
Blue Shield of California
Chinese Community Health Plan
Covered California
Health Plan of San Mateo
Hill Physicians Medical Group
United Health Care


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